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Welcome to the World of Angel Blade, and here is your crash course on the creatures:


Seraph: the chosen Being, identified by Archangels and marked with Enochian sigils to embue him/her with the power of angels. They wield the sword fashioned in Heaven that can destroy demons and prevent them from re-entering Hell. There is only one seraph on earth at any single time, and one is called upon the death of the previous seraph. The seraph has the power to see a drone inside of the possessed and, when he/she is able to obtain the name of the demon, is able to exorcise a drone from the body and destroy it with the sword.  A seraph is unable to extract a lieutenant or a general and must sacrifice the possessed in order to destroy the demon.


Drone: a fallen spirit, this lower demon that performs reconaissance to gather information on the human world. They possess humans, but in so doing, they begin to rot the body from within. They are the easiest for the seraph to identify as the demon can be seen just under the skin. They often smell of decay and leak black fluid into the eyes and mouths of the possessed. 


Lieutenant: a mid-rank demon that can possess a human for much longer than a drone. They are the front line warrior demons, ready to assist the higher ranking creatures. They do not decay the possessed as quickly as a drone and can navigate without detection from the seraph unless the higher powers are utilized. Their eyes burn red.



General: the highest ranking demons, with assignment of High Generals that are at the right hand of Lucifer. They are the most difficult for the seraph to identify, often able to remain in the possessed for years without detection unless they wish to expose themselves. They are former Archangels that had fallen at the great battle of Heaven and now serve to destroy mankind at Lucifer's bidding. Their eyes burn orange.




Lucifer: the oldest and strongest of fallen Archangels, the king of Hell and ruler of all demon-kind.








No matter what, she had to get away from the city and out of the rain. It wouldn't do her any good to be cured of leukemia and a few hours later die from the cold.


She worked at hailing a cab, and it didn't take too long for one to pull up next to her, the tires sending shoots of water rushing out onto the sidewalk. The driver rolled down the passenger window and leaned over to speak to her.


"Where to?" he asked.


She felt a tickle across her skin moving over her arms and legs. Those tattoos were really starting to itch and she scratched at her arms as she looked over the taxi.


Nikka crouched down, ready to relay the address in the northern suburbs, at least a good 30 minute drive. But something wasn't right. At first she saw a middle-aged man, his mustache peppered with gray and his hair cut a little too short for his round face. Perhaps it was a trick of the light and the rain, but his face changed right in front of her. His skin melted off his bones, leaving only a layer of black, decaying skin. The eyes morphed into black slits surrounded in yellow. A foul odor seeped from the car and into the night, an odor too familiar to her.

Angel Blade


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