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Phoenix Comicon 2017
My first time at Phoenix Comicon, and may I say, it was interesting to say the least. On the first day, the comicon world was changed when a man carrying four loaded guns came in with the intent to kill Jason David Frank, formerly the green Power Ranger, who was there for photo ops, panels. and autographs. This undoubtedly will cause ripple effects throughout comicons to come in the form of intense security checks. 
However, despite the problem on the first day, the convention was a success and I met so many new faces and fans. And I got to meet my favorite Doctor Who companion and a great character from Guardians of the Galaxy 1/2. Looking forward to next year.






Emerald City Comicon 2016


So much fun at ECCC this year! Got to meet two of my favorite fan crushes, Norman Reedus and Nathan Fillion. The Lego display was on point, as usual. Good times! See ya next year, ECCC!








Norman Reedus
Nathan Fillion
Doctor Who Karen Gillan
Doctor Who
Doctor Who
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