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Angel Blade

Nikka is dying of cancer until a stranger provides her with a cure, but it comes at a steep cost: she must become a Seraph, an angelic being with the power to exorcise and destroy demons. With Gideon, the stranger who introduced her to this life, she learns of the battle between Heaven and Hell and about the part she must play to fight the demon horde and destroy Abaddon, the Prince of Demons.
Then she meets Jason, a man with a troubled past who also brings the promise of a normal life, and his offer may be too good to let go.


In this sequel to Angel Blade, Abaddon has fallen and Nikka, the seraph, and Jason go into hiding as the rest of the world makes sense of the chaos that had occurred in the battle. But as Nikka struggles to face the impact of the events that took Gideon from her, she receives a disturbing vision about the end of the world.

Now, with Jason at her side, she must find another ally foretold in her vision and fight to stop the demon horde from bringing about the final Apocalypse.


In the third installment of the Angel Blade series, demon hordes now rule a post-apocalyptic world. As the new seraph, Jason is bound to Gideon, even though Jason blames him for Nikka’s disappearance and the loss of her unborn child. Someday, he will kill Gideon or die trying. Until then, he must wait and learn all he can about being a seraph.

When he sees a vision of Nikka, alive and well, Jason is determined to find her despite the demons hunting them. And with the help of a woman they meet along the way, they may be able to answer the question of Nikka’s vanishing.



The end of days has come

In the fourth and final installment of the Angel Blade series, Nikka, Gideon and Amy have gone into hiding, protected from Lucifer's army as well as the angels that wish to find them. But when they are discovered by a rogue demon and Nikka's baby is in danger, the devil begins the final steps toward the end of days and the last apocalypse. Nikka must find and release the Harbingers -- four angels lost in captivity at the beginning of time -- in order to stop Lucifer from destroying the world. 





The Key, The Outlaw, and The Treasure


A mysterious map.

Buried Templar treasure.

A gang of outlaws.

There’s no going back.

When 16-year-old Anna Holloway learns more about her father’s murder, she uncovers a series of clues leading to an ancient buried treasure. But now she must outrun a famous outlaw who would kill to get to it first.



When Dr. Evan Jensen survives a near-fatal car accident, she soon realizes that she didn't come back from the edge of death alone. An entity has followed her, seeking revenge for a decade-old murder and only Evan can help it. But she is running out of time.


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